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The Key Aspects of the law office

In addition to general legal counselling services, the legal practice, Mag. Richard Strobl, provides legal representation in the following areas:

The following technical services and standards relating to communication technology can be provided in the practice:

Law of Real Property and Immovables

Landlord and Tenant Law

Law relating to Residential Property

General Contract Law, in particular Sales Contracts for Real Estate

Matrimonial Law and Family Law

Law of Succession, in particular Administration of Estates

Private law

Recovery and Enforcement of Claims and Processing of Collection Orders

Criminal Law and Law Relating to Contentious Administrative Matters

Electronic legal relations

Electronic Trust Register

Digital Signature (E-Government, E-Business)

„FinanzOnline“, self-assessment of taxes

Land Register and Company Register Queries/Information, „Company-Compass“

Business Support of the Executive Register

Central Registration Office

Coordinates Data base, Digital Cadaster File

Austrian Central Register of Last Wills and Testaments

Insolvency profiles

Register of Last Wills and Testaments by the Austrian Bar Association

The above list is by no means exhaustive but serves as an overview of the areas in which the Mag Richard Strobl law office specialises.

The rich experience and extensive knowledge, both theoretical and practical, upon which the above specialised areas are based, enables an efficient and competent consultation which is greatly valued by our clients.